Audits and Due Diligence

Modern, flexible and dynamic business requires that audit task not be limited to the review and preparation of its corresponding assessments. Once the information has been gathered, it is processed and analyzed as a basic element in the decision making process.

The working methods of the members of our organization follow a non-traditional approach. The emphasis is no longer in the mere compliance with accounting standards, but in the furnishing of specialized, practical and beneficial services to our clients, through our advice, collaboration, and commitment to our clients’ management of their business endeavors.

A constructive approach to auditing is implemented, geared toward contributing to the growth and development of the business. The simple critical review of traditional audits does not suffice.

Our modern business world requires that we replace this concept for a dynamic and concrete analysis and immediate support in the implementation of its practical applications, based on constant and open communication with our clients, thereby achieving dynamic and speedy results and regular supervision of compliance with the strategic vision.

The following audit services are provided:

  • Accounting and financial statements
  • Operational
  • Managerial
  • Systems
  • Financial
  • Procedural
  • Assessment of internal controls
  • Formation, acquisition, merger, spin-off, dissolution, and liquidation of all types of business entities.

“Due Diligence”

Its implementation is carried out according to rational and international business regulations and generally accepted and universally required technical standards.


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