Taxes, Duties and Levies Consulting

The knowledge, appropriate interpretation and expertise in tax law and regulation, as well as of the technical norms and standards applicable to business accounting and financial systems have allowed ICG to participate in the development of uniform international audit and financial principles. More countries are increasingly adopting these principles, and ICG has been in the forefront in this field.

ICG is formed by groups of professionals with multidisciplinary education and experience which provides our clients the necessary service by applying resources that facilitate and expedite the exchange of specialized information in general tax and financial matters, and tax planning.

Main Services

    • Integrated tax audits.
    • Business consulting.
    • National and international tax planning
    • Analysis of international treaties for avoidance of double taxation.
    • Tax exemption and preferential tax rates.
    • Transfer pricing analysis and reports.
    • Preparation and execution of sworn statements and affidavits.
    • Integrated advice and client support in administrative and judicial proceedings
    • Maximization of exemptions profits and credits.
    • Special Systems
    • Free trade zones.
    • Business incentives
    • Customs tax deferral system
      Offshore banking and business


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