ICG Colombia

Colombia known as the gateway to Latin America, has a strategic geographical position that offers businessmen and tourists worldwide multiple possibilities.

ICG International Consulting Group has a presence in the country with 2 legal firms and 1 an accountant.

Alfredo López & CIA. has a long history since the 1980s. Its main focus is the accounting and financial consultancy offering services in different areas such as: financial reporting, for the use of shareholders, boards of directors, investors, control entities, their services are information assurance, tax review, internal, external audit, due diligence, among others.

For more thant 30 years, Legal Advisers Professionals (Asesores Jurídicos Profesionales) – AJP has established itself as one of the best legal firms in the south-western region of the country, providing its clients with agility and efficiency. Its diverse approach in the different areas of law and the experience of its work team, make this company a leading organization in legal and legal advice.

In the city of Bogotá, is the law firm Reyes & Reyes Abogados. Founded in 1994 by a highly-qualified team in areas such as public administration, international business and commercial and corporate law. They specialize in the handling of patents, trademark law, data protection and litigation and the protection of copyright.

ICG Colombia is here to assist you in meeting the challenges of your organization.

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Carrera 7 # 71-21

Oficina 510, Torre B Edificio Avenida Chile

Bogotá, Colombia

Av 3H Norte #37N-08
Cali – Colombia

Tel: (+57) 602 661 59 30 – #2

(+ 57) 316 446 66 49

e-mail: comunicaciones@alfredolopez.com.co
Website: www.alfredolopez.com.co


Carrera 17 #88-23, Oficina 205.
Bogota – Colombia

Office line: (+57) 1-621-2542 / 309-9261
Fax: (+57) 1-621-2542 Ext. 107
e-mail: jlreyesv@reyes-abogados.com
Website: www.reyes-abogados.com/


Calle 15 Norte No.6N-34, Oficina 1303.
Edificio Alcazar
Cali – Colombia

Office line: (+57) 2-396-2039
Website: www.asesoresjuridicosprofesionales.com