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ASPEN LEGAL is a law firm whose purpose is to provide legal services to individuals and companies that carry out their activities and businesses in Venezuela and abroad with some connection to the Venezuelan jurisdiction.


Through the firm GMAP Asesores, financial inflation adjustment services are provided, analysis of financial statements, tax reviews, compliance with formal and material duties, adjustment for fiscal inflation, assistance in negotiating surplus tax credits, tax planning, audit of financial statements and for statutory or regulatory purposes.

ICG Venezuela is here to assist you in meeting the challenges of your organization.

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Centro Plaza, Torre B, Piso 12, Oficina 12-D, Los Palos Grandes,
Municipio Chacao, Caracas, Venezuela.

Office line: (+58) 285-74-67 / (+58) 285-77-32
e-mail: info@aspenlegal.com.ve
Website: www.aspenlegal.com.ve