ICG – International Consulting Group

International legal & financial consulting group

Founded in 1995 by several traditional firms in the Latin American market, today, ICG brings together more than 370 employees with very diverse areas of expertise (accountants, lawyers, business administrators, economists, marketing specialists, social communicators …), in a Multicultural environment of 22 nationalities.

Our organization offers a wide range of services that revolve around consulting and management, primarily in the áreas of international auditing and legal, financial and business matters in America’s, Europe and Asia.

Our Commitment:

Help create transparent, successful and sustainable businesses, within a relationship of trust.


In a very competitive world, always in constant change, we have a simple driving purpose: to develop innovative and efficient work structures that produce results. Our mission is to help our clients solve the multiple challenges that exist in their companies, through personalized service and trust. To build a lasting relationship with our clients we understand we need to identify their needs, study how they interact with their clients and contribute to establishing an open dialogue with each of them.


The values of ICG (Excellence, Loyalty, Friendship, Responsibility, Commitment) support our work approach and define who we are. The formalization of these values is the result of an efficient collaborative work carried out within the network, which involves ICG leaders in the real world of international consulting of small, medium and large companies.

International y multicultural

ICG is an international network with more than 33 offices (integrated or collaborating) in 22 countries, representing a team of more than 370 people on the continents of America and Europe. To understand its clients and offer them an excellent service, the ICG team of consultants leverage technology in order to share their experiences and specific case studies and work in order to provide comprehensive fact based and market tested advice.