ICG Uruguay

ICG – International Consulting Group has a presence in Uruguay with the firms Pinto & Zak Abogados and Zak & Jakob Contadores, providing high quality services in the legal and financial fields to Uruguayan and foreign companies.

ICG Uruguay is a founding member of the Accounting and Legal Studies network, consistent with the vision of internationalization that business businesses have in today’s world.

In addition to accounting, tax and legal advice, ICG Uruguay has vast experience in presenting investment projects, mergers and acquisitions, immigration matters, etc.

The institutional, legal and political stability that the country has, its geographical location in the region, and the moderate corporate taxes and tax exemption regimes, make it attractive to foreign investment.

ICG Urguay is here to assist you in meeting the challenges of your organization.

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Office address: Juncal 1327, Of 903.
Montevideo – Uruguay.

Office line: (+598) 2916 9291 / (+598) 92 739 578
e-mail: info@pintoyzak.uy
Website: www.pintoyzak.uy


Office address: Convención 1343 Esc. 201.
Montevideo – Uruguay.

Office line: (+598) 2-900-2997
Fax: (+598) 2-902-2065
e-mail: dzak@netgate.com.uy
Website: zakyjakobcontadoresasociados.com