Accounting, Consulting

Business Start-up

  • Commencement of business filings.
  • Registration for tax purposes.
  • Procurement of legal and administrative permits and licenses.
  • Application for business licenses.
  • Certification of accounting books and records.
  • Municipal, provincial/state and national permits; other permits may also be necessary.

Working plan and management

  • Development strategies, preparation and control of declarations and reports.
  • Computerized accounting systems with renowned and high quality software with easy client access.


  • Performance controls.
  • Periodic analysis of result statements with clients.
  • Processing of client information by internal or external means.
  • Control of manual and management tools applied to the individual client’s type of business.
  • Reports and certifications.

Other Services

  • Technical reevaluation of personal property.
  • Release, assessment and diagnosis of information systems.
  • Personnel training.
  • Cost analysis.
  • Inventory controls.
  • Preparation and control of budgets.
  • Cash flow reviews.

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