Tax Advice

The knowledge, proper interpretation and mastery of the Tax legislation, and of the technical standards that must be applied to the business system of accounting and administration of income, expenses, investments and profits, has allowed us to integrate ourselves into the development of the control technologies used by more and more countries. This has made it possible that in the application and use of this field, we are at the forefront.

For these purposes ICG is made up of groups of professionals with multidisciplinary training and experience that provide the necessary services to our clients through the use of resources that facilitate and expedite the exchange of specialized information on tax issues, tax matters in general and strategy tax

Main Services

  • Tax audit and tax compliance.
  • Advice and consulting.
  • Local and international tax planning.
  • Analysis of treaties that avoid double taxation.
  • Tax exemptions and preferential rates.
  • Preparation and processing of affidavits.
  • Advice and integral support to the client in the administrative and judicial stages.
  • Maximum use of franchises, benefits and credits.
  • Special regimesFree trade zone.
  • Customs suspensory regimes.
  • Offshore systems.
  • Other specialized services.
  • Transfer Pricing Studies.

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