ICG Mexico

In Mexico, ICG – International Consulting Group is represented by the legal and legal firm CR&F Abogados and the accounting firm Mendoza, Martínez & Asociados.

The office CR&F Abogados founded in 1988 in Mexico City, is comprised of a group of legal professionals which are characterized by their professional quality and focused on providing advice to national and foreign companies and also individuals. 

The firm’s primary objective is to provide legal advice to small and medium-sized businesses, whether Mexican or foreign. The firm provides effective and immediate counsel to meet requirements and needs of its clients in order to achieve optimal results at reasonable rates.

Mendoza, Martínez & Asociados founded in 1993, consolidating itself as a consultant in fiscal, accounting and financial matters, with the purpose of helping its clients to face and overcome the daily challenges of their companies and achieve the success of their businesses, with the help of the experience and commitment of the firm’s employees, as well as excellent personalized customer service.

ICG Mexico is here to assist you in meeting the challenges of your organization.

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Address: Avenida Insurgentes Sur #1763, 4to piso.
Colonia Guadalupe Inn, C.P. 01020.
Mexico City – Mexico.

Office line: (+52) 55-5523-35-66
Fax: (+52) 55-5536-40-85
e-mail: rcervantesu@crabogados.com.mx
Website:  www.crfabogados.com.mx


Avenida Insurgentes Sur #1763, 5to piso. Colonia Guadalupe Inn, C.P. 01020
Mexico City – Mexico.

Office line: (+52) 55-5595-84-95
e-mail: contacto@mendozamartinez.com
Website: www.mendozamartinez.com