Miami as an investment base in the USA
13 September, 2017
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18 September, 2019
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Investment opportunities in America and Europe: main theme at a summit of business leaders in Miami, Florida

• The XXII General Assembly of Members of ICG – International Consulting Group, will be held from October 25 to 27, 2017 in the city of Miami, Florida

• USA is in the top 10 countries worldwide with the easiest way of doing business according to the World Bank.1

This year, Miami has been chosen as the host of the XXII General Assembly of Partners of the international network of consultants ICG – International Consulting Group, thanks to the recognition of the city for the investment opportunities and a propitious place for the successful development of international Business.

During three days of activities and meetings, representatives of the accounting, legal and business firms of the nineteen ICG countries will discuss and analyze various issues related to multilateral business opportunities, strategic alliances with different agencies and investment opportunities in the Americas and Europe; continents where the organization has presence.

In addition to the work sessions, a series of dialogues will be held between representatives of consulting firms and other key players in the economic development of countries such as businessmen, consuls, representatives of chambers of commerce, associations, among others. These spaces will share successful business experiences, investment opportunities, expatriation possibilities of companies and explore joint work opportunities to contribute to global development goals and objectives.

According to Carlos Castellon CPA, president of ICG and director of the US company Castellon & Company PL, “Miami is considered as a great city for investment and business development. Currently, the opening of a US business can be made in just eight days, thanks to the tax advantages and the benefits in federal and state taxes for the investors.”

ICG works to make possible the expansion of business to new territories, innovating in the development of services that help entrepreneurs solve the multiple challenges in their companies, under a solid relationship of trust.