Organizational methods and procedures

When integrating diverse support mechanisms to a business, analysis and definition of methods and procedures becomes very relevant. Efficiency and the control of fixed and variable costs play a very important role. A thorough analysis, together with a reengineering process and the type of quality controls offered by ICG, insure higher productivity yields.

By the interaction of the different professional levels that are integrated based on the services requested by the client, we offer a harmonious combination of the following professional services:

Organization and Methodology

  • Analysis, evaluation and job descriptions.
  • Organization of tasks.
  • Work methods analysis.
  • Measurement of workloads by area.
  • Design of work and corporate structures.
  • Division by areas supplies and services.
  • Job description manuals.
  • Policies and procedures manuals.
  • Document procurement and data flow.

Reengineering of processes

  • Release, analysis and diagnosis of existing business processes.
  • Redesign of processes and coordination of their implementation.
  • Creation and/or requests for bids of computer and administrative support systems for existing processes or new ones to be implemented.

Project evaluation

  • Feasibility studies.
  • Income and expenses.
  • Measurement of cash flows.
  • Financial assessment.
  • Risk assessment
  • Analysis of results
  • Presentation and reports to credit entities


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